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How to Plan a Winter Wedding in the South

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Winter weddings are DREAMY, that's one thing I think we can all agree on! But how do you make the most out of a winter wedding in the south when we can't ever guarantee it's actually going to feel like winter in the winter months? Well, let's get started!

Winter Looks

Especially in the south, we can't count on snow being on the ground for your outdoor photos, so you have to bring winter to your pics! One way to do this is just simply choosing the right photographer that edits pics in a way to make them look more whimsical using filters and other editing tools. Another great way is to be sure to choose the right color scheme and have some winter-y over pieces to throw on for some of your pics such as fur stoles, wraps, or cardigans! These can make for sweet bridesmaids gifts, too!

Here are some super cute examples!

Bring Winter Indoors

You don't have to freeze-out your guests just because you want the full winter experience at your wedding, just bring winter inside for your unique indoor ceremony! Creating a winter setting inside can be as easy as choosing the right florist and decor! Specific greenery and woodsy textures can add SO much to your winter vibe. Speaking of greenery, during the month of December we have our venue decorated for Christmas with 6-8 beautiful live trees with warm white lights, plus live garland on our balcony and exposed stairwell in our Main Event Space. This means we have winter ready for you at The Silo when you book you event or wedding for the month of December!

Another great way to create this winter-effect indoors is with romantic candle light and using our beautiful white lanterns and candle holders. Again, surrounding these things with the right greenery will only add to the winter wonderland you're now creating!

Ask the Silo Team about their in-house decorations inventory to achieve these beautiful tablescapes

A Winter 'WOW' Factor

There are so many fun things you can incorporate into your Winter Wedding Reception for your guests to enjoy! We have seen couples bring in Hot Chocolate Bars, S'mores Bars, Popcorn Stations and more! Here are a few of our favorite inspiration pics!

2020 Winter Wedding at The Silo

If you're looking to have a Winter Wedding of your own or even just a Winter Event, call us today at 270-632-6230 or email us at for pricing and package info! We only have limited dates available in our 2020 Winter months so don't miss out!

Happy Planning!

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